About DREX

DREX main objective is to test a new concept of deployable antennas for space and sub-orbital applications, which was completely developed by a group of students and aims at solving issues connected with volume constraints on launch vehicles. This design combines two important characteristics:

  • Reliable deployment, which enables to extend the surface utilized for communication with a very low risk of failure.
  • The possibility to transmit data also in the initial configuration at launch, even before the deployment occurs, thanks to a small reflective surface fixed upon the mechanism.

DREX will fly into the stratosphere so as to test the deployment of the dish in its hard operative environment. The distortion of the surface, due to the probe balloon movements and to the stratospheric winds, will be subsequently analyzed. A 3D shape of the surface will be reconstructed thanks to a stereovision optical system.


REXUS/BEXUS is a programme supported by ESA (European Space Agency), allows students from European universities to carry out scientific and technological experiments on stratospheric balloon or a sub-orbital rocket. This programme is realised under a bilateral Agency Agreement between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB).

The experiments will be launched from the ESRANGE space center in Kiruna, located 160 km north of the Arctic Circle and base of the Swedish Space Corporation.

DREX experiment has been selected for the launch campaign and will fly with the BEXUS-24/25 platform in October 2017. The experiment will reach the Earth stratosphere with a probe balloon.


Our Team

Ambrosini Cristian

Project Manager

Bellina Alessandra

Thermal Design

Bogo Loris

Electrical Design

Di Marco Stefano

Stereovision Design

Marconi Filippo

Membrane Design

Tesser Giorgio

Mechanical Design

Vittorio Netti

Outreach Manager

Denis Soso

Thermal Simulation


ESA Workshop

Here we are in the ESA European Space Agency website! All the student teams and the selection panel in the Erasmus User centre for the International Space Station.

Link to their website here.

Nasa interesting article

An interesting article about stratospheric balloons launched by NASA in Antartica.

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